St. Simon’s Catholic Men’s Group

The St. Simon’s Catholic Men’s Group meets up once a month, usually Saturdays 7pm.
We spend two hours in a great atmosphere reading the Bible, discussing faith related issues and simply having quality fellowship time sprinkled with jokes and good humour.

We are a diverse group of men – we are of different age, nationality, family background and English accent, which can be funny at times. Each of us is unique but there is one thing that unites us – it is our love to Jesus Christ and His Church.

We sometimes hold a BBQ, go bowling and watch the football which are just some of the ways of strengthening bonds between the members of the group.

We get involved in charity work.

Does it sound interesting to you? Come and join us!

Our meetings

  • Saturday (once a month)
  • At 7pm

Contact us (SMS please)

  • Tim: 07500 966 302,
  • Wiktor: 07785 997 555