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Happy St Valentine’s Day – My Dear Wife and Husband!

Happy St Valentine’s Day – My Dear Wife and Husband! You can give each other a wonderful Valentine’s gift by spending a day exploring your relationship more deeply to gain valuable insights into your communication. Couples who have attended the course noted the positive changes it made to their marriage. There is no group sharing and this is not marriage counselling or guidance but a chance to make your marriage even better.

Contact: Carole – Tel 07983524727 — email:

Life Ascending Groups

Life Ascending: At a tlme when loneliness among older people is a national concern, Life Ascending may be one useful way for the Church to help address the problem. The movement, which is well established abroad. offers activities and friendship in a parish context for those in their middle years and later. Organisers in the UK are very happy to help parishes look the idea of starting up a group of their own or help people to join an existing one.

To find out more please visit the Life Ascending website

Galilee Groups – Vocational Discernment

Galilee Groups: Vocational Discernment: The Galilee Group is an open group for men discerning their vocation. The group meets for Holy Mass, faith formation and as an opportunity to get to know others searching for the will of God in their lives.

Kent Area: Meeting at the Presbytery of St. Thomas’ Church Canterbury (59 Bur@ate, CT1 2HJ} at 6:30pm on the second Friday of the month. for a formation talk, followed by Holy Mass at 7:30pm, ending with supper. For more information please contact the vocations team on

Future rose garden

The small area between the church and hall: Now it has been cleared, Fr, Hans would like to turn this space into a Rose Garden. He would be grateful some help in preparing the ground and for any suggestions as how to arrange the plants and planting. Call 01233 622 399