Recommencement of Offertory Collections

St Simon Stock Catholic Church Website Administrator

We have been given permission to restart the collections at the offertory, being your weekly offering to the parish, and, post-Communion, for second collections. You should not take the bag from the person taking the collection but just place your offering in it. Alternatively, you can still put your offerings in the boxes by the door to the church.

Throughout the pandemic we have lost the income from the hall, which helps keep the parish afloat, due to not been permitted to take bookings and, since reopening the church for Mass, our weekly collection amount has been considerably reduced due to the reduction in the number of those attending.

Even though the church and hall have not been open, in the ordinary sense, there are still significant outgoings for the parish, so if you can, please consider increasing your offering.  Your continued commitment to the running of the parish is greatly appreciated.