This Week’s Parish Newsletter

St Simon Stock Catholic Church Church News

Adam here with this week’s newsletter which is ready to download. I hope that you are all keeping well as you can. Please be careful with all the snow about. There is more to come.

This week is a big week. Tomorrow is World Day of Prayer for The Victims of Human Trafficking, and a day for those who work hard to fight against it. Thursday is the World Day for The Sick and a special day to devote to the sick and to those who provide them with assistance and care both in healthcare institutions and within families and communities.
Sunday is Poverty Action Sunday and we are asked to give, act and pray to ensure people on the margins are fully involved in the world we build as we emerge from the pandemic.

We continue to ask for volunteers to help keep our church functioning smoothly. We like a few more stewards at Mass and for those who can spare a couple of hours on a Saturday to come and clean the church. If you can help then please see contact the parish office.

And finally, please pray for Merrick Boston, Ronald Salmon,  June O’Driscoll, Noela Thiebaud, Francesca Baker, Trevor Lane, Tricia Coppin, Sebastian Burrell, Fred Ward, Lisa Moran,Rita Coombs,Luke Fellowes.