This Week’s Parish Newsletter

St Simon Stock Catholic Church Church News

Adam here with this week’s newsletter which is ready to download. I hope that you are all keeping well as you can.

Today is Racial Justice Sunday.  Pope Francis has repeatedly used four verbs encouraging positive and direct action in relation to migrants and refugees, ‘Welcome, Protect, Promote and Integrate’. These same words are essential to advancing the cause of racial justice. None can be omitted, it is as necessary to have plans to Promote and Integrate as it is to Welcome. It is not enough to simply denounce racism. This is a time to act.

We ask for more volunteers to help keep our church functioning smoothly. We are particularly looking for people to become stewards at Mass and for those who can spare a couple of hours on a Saturday to come and clean the church and keep it looking it’s best. If you can help then please see contact the parish office.