The veiling of statues and images

The veiling of statues and images is an ancient Tradition which captures the holiness and the
penitential nature of the Lenten season. All our beautiful images are veiled so that we may pay
special attention to the words of the passion being proclaimed. This makes us to ask God to hurry with
his work of redemption. That we may intensely prepare for and have the happiness of Easter.
In around about way, to reflect and thank the Lord for his sacrifice and to hunger for heaven. There is
barrenness and then there is fullness. The images are veiled from the 5th Sunday of Lent. The altar is
completely stripped after the Mass of the last supper. And then our Lords wonderful weapon
against the devil, the cross will be revealed in all its glory on Good Friday. And all the other images are then revealed on Holy Saturday to help us joyfully celebrate Easter. It is like our lives now. God is, veiled, we feel barren, but we wait for that time of great joy when we will see him face to face, our hunger will be satisfied, our happiness complete.

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